Garth’s Stress Testing – Anoscope Examination

Age – 27
Height – 5′ 10″
Weight -190
Waist – 34″
Hair – Black
Eyes – Green

Hung – 8 1/2″
Foreskin – Uncut
Orientation – Straight
Sports – Basketball, Baseball

At his initial office visit, I detected a higher than normal blood pressure reading, so Garth returns to the office today for stress testing and a more in depth examination.
I had Garth remove all of his clothing in preparation for today’s examination. Blood pressure, not withstanding, Garth is in excellent physical condition. As he mounts the exam table, I notice how smooth his buttocks are compared to the rest of his hirsute body. However, he does have a hairy crevice between his buttocks which will require some additional maneuvering at this office visit.

I begin with an initial examination which includes the blood pressure reading while he is at repose. That reading is followed by some use of the stethoscope on his upper body followed by a listening of his bowel sounds in the abdominal region. I remember from his previous visit that Garth also has a magnificent uncut penis. The tip of it, just peering out beneath the folds of his foreskin. Under the guise of examination of his uncut member, I tug at and retract the foreskin, sliding it back and forth a bit which as it turns out, is just enough manipulation to place Garth in a full state of arousal. His penis now is pointing straight up and laying flat against his groin.
Standing him up, I continue the genital examination as I note a strong femoral pulse as I handle his genitalia. Turning him about, patting his smooth buttocks in the process, I direct him to a kneeling position on the table for what is to follow. When he is into proper positioning, I preform a prostate examination, which is definitely not a favorite of Garth’s. He does his best to maintain his composure through some deep breathing exercises. However that composure is short lived for as a remove from my finger from his rectum, I reach into the exam table drawer to retrieve the anoscope. I lubricate it rather quickly and as I prepare to take aim, Garth was able to glimpse the size of the instrument. He started to exhibit a bit of apprehension but I was able to soothe him and convince him to continue. I was able to fully insert the device into Garth, right down to the base, which deep down probably gave him an eerie feeling.

I continued the rectal assault after removing the anoscope and continued with a bit more prostate massage as I had planned to take another urethral culture and wanted to help produce some additional secretions. Turning him around, I did secure that required specimen. I directed him to step down off of the table now as we were prepared to do the stress testing portion of the examination which consisted of some jumping jacks and performing some pushups. Following his exercises, I took another blood pressure reading and although it was still high, it not increase dramatically following the increased heart rate.
One final testing remained and for this portion, I elected to give Garth a hand, so to speak, and provide some assistance with the required semen specimen. A few moments of hands on therapy, I had his penis fully aroused and moments later, I was able to direct his ejaculate to a collection dish.

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  1. Dan
    Dan October 22, 2013 at 4:32 pm | | Reply

    If this is the last in the Garth Hancock series, then it was well worth it. I always like videos when the patient is assisted to climax and responsive to the stimuli. One of my favorite patients that you have presented, I hope you can find a similar replacement.

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