Mark Wynngate – Sports Physical

Preparation for another year of playing collegiate football and with a mandate from the athletic department to have a complete physical examination performed results in new patient Mark Wynngate appearing at my office. Collegiate requirements are a shopping list of required testing to maintain his college scholarship status, so I began with a new patient history for Mark.

Up to this point, all his exam requirements for sports were performed by the family doctor, however college eligibility produces new regulatory standards. I have Mark strip entirely in preparation for the examination.

Body maturation began fairly early although the secondary characteristics of chest hair has not started; aside from a bit of hair growth around each areola and around the naval. A strong heart beat and clear lungs were detected as I used my stethoscope across the expanse of his chest. His pubic hair has been shorn to a barely discernible length, most likely at his girlfriend’s request. His penis responds very quickly and becomes engorged after a couple of casual bumps against the base.

Mark climaxed with a great finish to this exam and as I pointed out, his aim is terrible. It is a good thing he is on his team’s defense instead of offense for he sprayed all over the exam table.

Billy Marshall – Massage Exam

At his previous visit to my office, Billy sought relief from an injury he sustained while playing basketball. While his condition is much improved, he seeks more therapy for both the injury and for prostate massage which provided him with a boost in the bedroom.
Billy was surprised himself, I believe, on how well he responded to the effect of the prostate massage. His FIRST ejaculation was extremely large and happened rather unexpectedly. The session continued with more lower back massage therapy and included the insertion of a prostate massage device. This lead to a SECOND ejaculation and delivered a completely worthwhile office visit to the patient.

Ramon Aleandro – Stress Testing

At his last visit to my office, I detected a higher than normal blood pressure reading for Ramon. I felt it wise to have him return to test and see if this was a temporary fluctuation or something that needs to be addressed and monitored more closely.

ramonaleandrostress13After I exchanged initial pleasantries with him, I had Ramon all of his clothing and directed him to step up and lay down on the exam table. Strapping on the blood pressure cuff, I used my stethoscope to check his lungs and listen to his heart. Checking the reading, it was more in a normal range, which I took as a positive sign.
Asking him to allow for additional space, Ramon stepped off of the table and prepared to perform a series of exercises, first 30 jumping jacks were counted off; some performed while facing me and others performed with his buttocks facing me. This allowed me to check his form and range of motions as the exercises were performed. Ramon performed that series of exercises while his penis was fully aroused and his penis slapped against groin with each occurrence of jumping. Next up, I had Ramon jog in a stationary position for about a minute. I explained that I did not need to simulate a full gym workout, but just enough to increase his respiration. Stepping back onto the exam table, I checked his blood pressure and it definitely had increased, substantially so. Most likely further monitoring should be instituted.
To complete today’s office visit, I first took another urethral culture, which was definitely a source of discomfort for Ramon. Then his office visit was concluded by an assisted semen collection for Ramon which culminated in a fresh protein ingestion.

Mark Burgess – Workers Comp

Mark Burgress returns to office today as he became injured during his employment as a hydraulic mechanic He was lifting a piece of heavy machinery and admitted that he lifted with his back muscles rather than relying on his legs for lifting.
After hearing about the details of his injury and updating his medical history regarding prior ailments, prostatitis among them; I have Mark disrobe entirely for this examination and therapy session.

Ronnie Webb – Employment Exam

A growing trend among employers of requiring a pre-employment physical exam has brought a wide assortment of patients to my office and 23 year old Ronnie Webb is a prime example. His work is in the construction trades and he appeared slightly late as he took the time to take a shower before coming to the office.
Ronnie started wrestling while he was in middle school and continued on the team all through his high school years. He admitted that he was not very good at his sport however, thinking now in hindsight, I believe he excelled at the physical contact with the other wrestlers.
To say that Ronnie was highly aroused during this examination… would be an understatement.

Jon Ricards – Annual Exam

The start of a new year and a returning patient appears for his annual examination. Jon Ricards, took a break from his studies, and has secured regular employment. As he is employed in the medical field, it it is very important for him to receive his annual examination.
I direct Jon to the scale to check his weight at the onset, asking him to remove all of his clothing prior, in order to get a good reading. While he is still maintaining a full course load at school and working a full time job while in school, just has still found time to keep his body in tip top condition. If anything, Jon has improved since he first climbed up onto my exam table as he is more muscular now and the additional growth of both facial and body hair suits him.

Jordan George – Employment Exam

I would hope that new patient, Jordan George, was less nervous at his job interview than he was at his examination. He secured the position at his new employer pending the successful conclusion of his examination. Maybe he thought that he would not pass the examination and that nervousness manifested itself.
Directing him to strip entirely, I had him step up onto the physican’s scale to take his current weight, which after some deliberation, was noted at 173 pounds.
Blood pressure was extremely high, a fact that I communicated to Jordan which caused additional worry but as I attributed it to nervousness, he seemed to be partially satisfied with that diagnosis.

Richie Cruz – New Patient

Almost one year to the day, Richie had his last physical exam. At that time, he was starting a new job. Now, he is looking for work but was reminded that he should receive an annual exam by a family member and appears at my office for that purpose.

Richie previously had physical exams at a variety of clinics as a physical exam was required when he was actively involved in middle and high school sports. His last visit to a clinic for that purpose was at 15 and his mother took him to that exam and observed the examination.
I had him remove all of his clothing in preparation for today’s examination. Continuing with his patient history, Richie divides his amorous affections between 3 different girls and only masturbates about twice a month. Which explains why he had his most recent wet dream about 2 weeks ago. His first wet dream occurred at age 15 and interestingly, he asked a friend at school what had happened to him and got a bit of sexual education from his friend.
As I began his examination, strapping on the blood pressure cuff first, I was able to get a closer look at his body. I pointed out the secondary signs of adulthood as hair follicles have sprouted around both his nipples as well as a faint trail at the center of his abdomen. Glancing at his penis, I opted to take a flaccid measurement, which I recorded at 4 1/2 inches but then I noticed something out of the ordinary. Richie had a heart shaped adornment embedded under the skin which is designed to give his female partners increased pleasure during coitus.
Richie received his first prostate examination at this office visit and it was during the rectal examination that I detected a hemorrhoid. To insure that they were only on the outside, I selected the anoscope and prepared it for insertion; explaining that it was required to take an inside look. Buried to the hilt, I slowly withdrew the device and found no internal
problem issues.

Lane Garnett – Follow up exam

Lane returns for a follow up examination which in addition to “plowing new ground” also created a wider opening… as it pertains to his urethra.
Always a welcome visitor to my office, Lane provides great interaction throughout this office encounter.


Perry Rodgers – College Sports Physical

Perry Rodgers (22 yo) comes to the office today for the mandated sports physical by his college athletic department. Prior to this office visit, Perry had received exams both at the school and at his family physician’s office. When he got older, he went to the exams by himself as the last time a guardian accompanied him to an exam was when he was 15 years old.

At the mention of football, I quizzed him about which position he played at and I was not surprised in the least when he replied.. running back. Perry has the typical body most associated with a running back as they are generally shorter in stature, and extremely muscular. As I was a bit anxious to see the powerful muscles that were bulging through his shirt and what was hidden beneath his extremely tight pants, I suggested to Perry that he should remove all clothing in preparation for the sports physical. Perry methodically removed his clothing, neatly folded them and settled in on the exam table.
Popular though at his college, Perry has kept to a smallish number of sexual partners over the past several months and he used protection in at least 80% of those liaisons. He admitted to preferring the larger styled condoms as they were more comfortable and with a penis, even in its flaccid state of 5 inches in length, I have no doubt associated with that statement.
Chalk it off to a bit of nervous anxiety, for such a fine specimen on my exam table; Perry recorded an abnormally high blood pressure reading. Rather for an on field medical emergency, I elected to do a bit of stress testing at this office visit well that is, immediately after I took a moment to examine his genitalia. Perry has a very responsive penis, it had already begun to show a bit of turgescent at my cursory examination. Conversely, his testicles were on the smallish side and I was tempted to measure them with the orchidometer but opted to not embarrass him at the size comparison. The examination of his genitals continued when he stood at the end of the exam table and then after checking for a hernia, I had him step down and prepare for the testing phase.
Allowing for ample spacing, I had Perry perform a series of naked jumping jacks to elevate his respiration and create a bit of delight for the spectator to watch as his penis flailed about. Turning him around and another set of jumping jacks allowed the viewer to see how his firm buttocks performed during the small exercise routine. Next up, running in place. a natural yet stationary maneuver for a running back. When I took his blood pressure once again, it definitely had spiked higher; a condition that bears monitoring.
Informing him that I needed to check his spine, Perry assumed the traditional resting position on his elbows and knees. After palpating his shoulders and spine, I secured a lubricated thermometer and attempted to push through the coarse dark hairs that surrounded his anus. That in and of itself, was a daunting task and it would have probably been easier to push the thermometer through a wire mesh. Finally, I was able to gain entrance to his rectum to secure the temperature. Alas that was also the last rectal insertion, for as I prepared to do a prostate check, Perry lifted himself off on the table and informed me that he would not be doing this test.

However, I was able to perform the STD testing as I inserted a cotton tipped applicator into his tight urethra. As I bit of payback, I left it in a little longer than was required to secure the specimen. It was the final specimen of the day that was the easiest to accomplish for Perry stroked his 8 inch manhood to a fast ejaculation moments later.