Wendell Butler - New Patient

Wendell Butler – New Patient

Football tryouts and it’s time for the annual sports physical for 18 yo high school senior, Wendell Butler. Last year’s sports physical was performed at a clinic, and his sophomore year’s exam was performed at a makeshift exam room that took place in his coach’s office. At that examination, three nurses examined three different athletes […]

Mark Wynngate - Stamina Issues

Mark Wynngate – Stamina Issues

Mark enjoys a healthy sex life with his girlfriend. However, as pleasurable as he might find it to be, his girlfriend believes the act should be extended for a longer period of time. Anxious to please his girlfriend in every way possible, Mark returns to the office and submits to various techniques designed to both […]

Jordan George - Stress Testing

Jordan George – Stress Testing

Jordan returns for another full examination with the inclusion of some naked exercises. He is asked to performance naked jumping jacks, situps, and jogging in place as part of developing a safe exercise program. He becomes aroused during the examination rather quickly and his 9 inch erection is pointing towards the heavens. While he is […]

Brett Cooper - New Patient

Brett Cooper – New Patient

Brett has last visited his previous doctor about 18 months ago and it was for a sports related physical examination. During his school years, he has visited a variety of doctors: both team doctor and family doctor; all for sports related exams as well as a group physical exam among a trio of athletes. While […]

Jeremiah Robertson - Urinary Infection

Jeremiah Robertson – Urinary Infection

Jeremiah (27 yo) returns to the office to seek diagnosis and relief from a burning sensation when he urinates. As he explained, he recently had an unprotected sexual encounter (he did not want to interrupt the action to get a condom) and now he is experiencing a burning sensation when peeing.

Mark Wynngate - Testing

Mark Wynngate – Testing

Pursuant to maintaining his requirements for his college scholarship, I have Mark Wynngate appear at my office for a return examination. As Mark was preparing to visit the gym after the visit to my office, he came to the office wearing his workout clothing, and when I suggested he remove those outer clothes, underneath he […]

Edgar Correa - Immigration Exam

Edgar Correa – Immigration Exam

My newly formed associated with the Immigration Service has yielded another new patient. as a former Mexican national, Edgar Correa seeks to satisfy his medical requirement for his Green Card. Edgar was last examined a year ago so as it turns out, he was due for his annual exam at the same time. Edgar is […]

Damon Walters - New Patient

Damon Walters – New Patient

My new patient traveled to the office today on his skateboard and he almost landed on my exam table for a medical emergency, rather than for a new patient exam. He took a spill off of his skateboard on the way to the office but landed on a softer, grass lawn than on the hard […]

Lance Bennett - New Patient

Lance Bennett – New Patient

Lance Bennett (29 yo) is the father of three children and as he has not had a complete physical in over 10 years, new patient Lance Bennett is way overdue. Questioning about his current lifestyle, it becomes painfully obvious that he has neglected his own medical needs in favor of his family; he is the […]