Dexter Poole – Work Physical

Dexter is at the office to receive a medical certification to return to his profession of driving a truck. His normal route encompasses a four state route and he is self-employed. I complimented him on his physique, as he is much more physically fit then you would expect with such a sedentary profession. Dexter stays in shape through regular visits to his gym for strengthen training and he receives his cardio from regular pick up basketball games with his buddies.
I had Dexter remove every stitch of clothing in preparation for his exam and as he settled in on the exam table, I resumed my patient questioning. I found out that he has played the field extensively over the past year and contracted gonorrhea for his indiscriminate sexual adventures. He has pared his partners down to two now and has learned his lesson and now uses a condom in all of his sexual encounters.

Dexter stayed fairly calm throughout his examination and allowed me free access to examine his large, flaccid genitalia when the opportunity was called for. His buttocks are very round and exceptionally firm. Returning him to the exam table and propped up onto his hands and knees, the first indication of a change in his body language signaled that I might have some exploration issues arising.
Spreading apart his buttocks, I received a reply “what are you doing ” and a calm response from me that I was taking his temperature. The thermometer dangled precariously from his anus as it recorded his temperature. Upon removing it, I quickly lubricated my fingers again and took aim stating that I was going to check his prostate next. He permitted access to his rectum but clearly the scowl on his face and the sideward glances looking at me, clearly told me that he was not enjoying the experience.
He was thankful that a blood sample was omitted in favor of providing a semen specimen. As he had not ejaculated in over a week, I was expecting a rather large specimen and I was not disappointed

Chad Lyons – Sports Physical

With the amount of performance enhancing drugs amongst professional and collegiate athletes, 20 year old Chad Lyons comes to the office to receive a sports physical as a condition of his college scholarship. I explained the stringent rules the colleges are facing and that his examination today will start with a mandatory urine specimen, which he must produce while I am watching him.

Handing Chad a collection apparatus, he drops his pants and underwear in one fluid motion as the yellowish liquid rapidly begins filling the container. Collecting the specimen from him, he buttons up and prepares to answer the medical history questions that I have for him.

Chad participated in numerous scholastic sports and he has had medical exams for sports both at his own doctor’s office and the school. School exams were performed either in the nurse’s office or in the team locker room with player’s waiting their turn amongst their teammates.

Chad has a steady girlfriend but he is still playing the field a bit and has encounters with 6 different women in as many months. He still finds the opportunity to take part some solitary pleasuring as well at least 3 or 4 times a week with the most recent such occurrence as yesterday. At 20 years of age, his body is still maturing and he admitted to having a wet dream just a couple of months ago. Frequent erections during the day are a common occurrence as well. To start the exam, I have him strip down to his boxers and jump up onto the exam table.

Chad began puberty with most of his contemporaries and while the muscle development that comes with adolescence has definitely enhanced his body, he does not exhibit many of the other secondary characteristics of adulthood. Chest hair is relatively non-existent, underarm hair is minimal and there is just the makings of a happy trail at his naval.

His examination continued uneventful until it came time to examine the male genitalia. Reaching for the waistband of his boxers, a casual bump against his penis created all the necessary friction to produce a full erection. Examining his scrotum during the genital exam, I verified his adult status and showed Chad how each testis compared to the orchidometer measurement. A standing genital examination followed while his erection maintained its rigidity.
Propped up onto the exam table with support provided by his knees and elbows, I began to palpate his spine and lower back. His buttocks parted perfectly for easy access for the next procedures. The lack of secondary hair development was noticeable between the meaty orbs as there was just tiny wisps of hair growing around his anus. It was into that puckered open that I inserted a lubricator thermometer. The patient clearly was surprised at the insertion yet, with a scholarship hanging in the balance, he allowed the procedures to continue. Removing the glass device, I inserted my lubricated finger and proceeded to give Chad his first prostate examination. He asked, just as I made contact with his prostate, how far in I had to go. To which I returned the question, do you feel the sexual tingle in this area. He moaned in agreement that he did.
It was the second sampling of the day that caused the most dissatisfaction. Chad regularly has himself checked for an STD every 2 months, so he knew the displeasure from a urethra swab and tried unsuccessfully to block the sample. However, it was the third sampling of the day that gave him the most pleasure and he relieved himself of a copious specimen moments later.

Damon Bowars – Sports Physical

Starting a new school year for both high school and collegiate athletes alike, often require a sports physical exam and today, Damon Bowars came to the office for just that purpose. Damon has been playing lacrosse and hockey since his teen years and has continued with both sports as he made the leap to college. Typically, Damon received all of his required sports physicals at his family doctor but with a few notable exceptions. He previously took part in a group physical exam required for his hockey team which was conducted in his high school gym.

Participation in sports has given Damon a quiet confidence about himself. While he has a steady girlfriend, it has also provided him with a little bit of notoriety at his college to entice other sexual partners. Being a socially conscious person, Damon uses condoms in all of his sexual relations and has never had a sexually transmitted disease.

Directing him to strip down to his underwear, I began Damon’s sports physical. There is a dusting of hair across his flat pectorals and I detect the making of a six pack in the abdominals. Checking his arms, Damon flexed and bumped up some mighty biceps, no doubt earned from toting his big stick around… lacrosse or hockey stick, I mean.
Pulling open his boxers at the waistband, to satisfy my curiosity about the telltale bulge, I confirmed my suspicions as Damon was fully erect. Checking the femoral pulse, I suggested that it might be better if he removed his boxers entirely. Freed from its cotton confinement, Damon’s penis stood straight up and jutted straight up. Standing him upright, the genital examination continued. Checking his urethra, I found his fully engorged penis had not started to secrete any seminal fluids so after securing a couple of coughs for the hernia test, I had Damon return to the exam table to allow me to continue his evaluation.

To my delight, Damon’s posture on the table afforded a perfect parting of his buttocks allowing for inspection of the hairy crevice and his puckered anus. It was into that puckered anus that I first introduced a lubricated thermometer. Turning my back away from him momentarily, I returned and found the thermometer had almost slipped completely out of his rectum, yet it did record his normal temperature.
Questioning him, I found that he had not previously had a prostate exam, so I took aim and eased my lubricated finger into his rectum in one fluid motion. Confirming that he felt a little sexual exhilaration at the contact with his prostate, I checked to find that his erect penis had now become completely rigid at the stimulation. Taking my clue that this was a welcome intrusion, I began to slowly massage his prostate and then gradually picked up the tempo which continued to excite my collegiate athlete.

In the interest of being thorough, I removed my finger and replaced it with a lubricated anoscope to fully inspect the cavernous interior. The anoscope sunk deep within the patient and convinced me that Damon was capable of receiving much more. Turning him over onto his back the examination continued as I instructed the patient to lift his legs off of the table and to clasp his hands behind his knees to keep the legs elevated. I re-lubricated my fingers to continue the assault on his anus which was already prepped and awaiting a new arrival. First one and then two fingers were introduced to provide a more in depth prostate massage to accommodate the patent. With my free hand, I opted to stimulate his penis together with the prostate massage.

Sensing that he was close to ejaculation, I gave Damon some lubricant to use and as he lubricated his penis, I returned to my prior position and provided digital rectal stimulation as he worked himself towards a tasty climax.

Boscoe Kattan – Work Physical

Boscoe can give credit to his Asian mother and his Pakistani father for the maturity he exhibits as he appears for a pre-employment exam as he embarks upon a new career. His last physical examination was nearly 2 years ago with a private physical; his sports physicals were all performed at the nurse’s office at school.

Questioning him, I was informed that the school examinations was given in modified group format. Players clad in just there underwear, waited to be called by the nurse for their respective turn with the doctor. A thin curtain separated the players awaiting their turn and the doctor/patient combo. Yes, there was quite a bit juvenile antics when the waiting players heard their teammate coughing from the other side of the curtain.
Further questioning revealed that he regularly showered after all his football games and as I felt that he had attained a maturation status, I had him remove all of his clothing in preparation for the required employment physical exam. Most notable on his body are Boscoe’s large areolas. They are easily larger than a 25 cent piece and responsive to the touch. Tweaking each during the examination caused a bit of shrinkage as they responded to my touch. Likewise, his penis began to respond as well while I was innocently checking his femoral pulse with the stethoscope.
A standing genital examination and a palpation of his genitals produced a semi-erect penis which apparently did not cause him any embarrassment. Turning him around, I palpated his lower spine and cupped each of the orbs that comprised his buttocks. Directing him to return to the exam table, I had him settle into the familiar support patten offered by kneeling on the exam table and resting onto his elbows.
Questioning him about his current level of sports activity, I produced a lubricated thermometer, took aim and slip it into his rectum. Silence followed and when I removed and recorded his temperature moments later, Boscoe received his first prostate exam next. It took a couple of attempts for my finger to push past his sphincter, however I was rewarded when the patient acknowledged with a shudder as his prostate was palpated and further confirmation when that touched yielded pre-seminal fluid leakage.

Turning him around, I had Boscoe place his arms behind his head and fold them as I took a cotton tipped applicator and secured a sample of the fluid which had collected in his urethra. Informing him that I further specimen was required of him and one that he took to producing enthusiastically.

Darrell Hawk – New Patient

Twenty year old Darrell Hawk comes to office for a sports related examination. He has returned to college and to prepare for the upcoming football season, he came to satisfy the medical requirement. His last examination was just after he turned 18 years old. In the years since high school, Darrell has been maintaining his form with daily weightlifting as he hits the gym on a daily basis. During those high school years, Darrell took whichever position on his football that the coach required of him: linebacker, running back, free safety, and even quarterback.

Sports physicals were typically performed on school property in the school gymnasium. All the participants in the various sports programs awaiting their turn with the doctor and to speed the process along; the players all were completely naked. So it was with a level of comfort that I had Darrell strip naked in preparation for today’s examination. I found out that for a 20 year old, he does maintain a fairly healthy lifestyle. Rather than playing the field romantically, he has one steady sexual partner and he uses condoms in at least 80% of those liaisons with her. He most recently tested for a sexually transmitted disease at his last examination shortly after he graduated from high school. Structurally, Darrell has only suffered minor ankle injuries typical for such an active football role with his team.
Darrell elects to keep his pubic area shaved completely smooth which included his baby smooth scrotum. He mentioned that he now shaves his chest hair off as it began grower darker turn his mid-teens. Standing him up, I continued the genital examination. He penis, while still flaccid at 4 1/4″ did not show any bit of exhilaration as I examined him thoroughly/
Turning him around, I gave Darrell’s shoulders and spine a bit of palpation as he stood at the end of the exam table and took the liberty of grasping his meaty buttocks, squeezing each orb before examining his thighs. Then I had Darrell return to the exam table with support provided by his knees and elbows. I lubricated a rectal thermometer and with a bit of hesitation from the patient, I was able to insert it into his anus to record the temperature. Removing the thermometer, I prepared to replace it with my lubricated finger however, Darrell had other ideas and rose from the exam table to block my entrance. It seems that the exam he received shortly after his high school graduation included a prostate exam so it appears that physician was able to provide Darrell that experience instead of me.

At this point, all the remained was a sampling for the lab as I explained that this was the required specimen for all new patients. I handed Darrell both lubricant and a petri dish and had him begin to masturbate. In a few minutes, Darrelll stroked his 7 1/2 inches and he deposited the specimen into the collection dish. quirted all over his legs, pubic area and ultimately hitting the collection dish as well.

Cory Baldridge

Cory Baldridge comes to the office as a referral from another patient, Jon Ricards.
Cory turns out to be one of my favorite types of patients. First, being formerly an active duty Marine, I seem to have an affinity for giving orders and having them carried out by Marines. Secondly, Cory is very comfortable in his own skin, not ashamed in the least at being naked.
Lastly, he gets aroused easily and most notably, gets even more aroused as I give him his first prostate examination.
Wait till you see the AMAZING stream of pre-seminal fluid that leaks from his penis during the prostate exam !

Jon Ricards – Stress Testing

Jon Ricards (22 yo) returns to the office for his annual examination and more in depth testing. It has been almost been 6 months since Jon last visited my office and the change in both his demeanor and body are most welcome. He has transformed himself from a nervous patient to a muscular and jovial hunk. Second office visits require additional, in depth testing and to accomplish that, I ask Jon to remove all of his clothing and to mount the exam table when he is ready.
Jon is one of those select patients that distracts me during an examination. He often touches his penis, which I find difficult to NOT look at, when I am examining him. I guess you could call it a welcome distraction. From his last exam, I knew I would have a difficult time doing a rectal examination as Jon is really tight. So when I had him appropriately positioned, I took my time to gain entrance into his rectum and then work my magic with my finger to begin the arousal process.
Success, at getting him to relax, was a reward to me as I followed my finger with the insertion of the anoscope. The device was plunged into him in its entirely before it was removed. Not satisfied yet, I continued his anal assault when I had Jon turn over onto his back and lift his legs and spread them apart for me. This positioning allowed a clear waiting target for me as inserted my finger into his anus in one fluid motion; burying it to the hilt within him.

Josef Salvador – Medical Exam

Josef Salvador presents himself at the office with an eye injury sustained while he was playing basketball. The recreation center requires a medical evaluation and release before he is allowed to rejoin his team and participate in games. I elected to give Josef a complete adult sports physical examination. Josef has been involved with basketball since his freshmen year of high school and occupies the position of center on his team.
During my initial patient interview, Josef is relatively jovial, readily answering my probing questions with good humor, even though he is in obvious discomfort with an eye injury. I find out that his last physical was performed a year ago at this family doctor. This was the same doctor that was used for all the required physicals related to scholastic sports and thankfully, his mother only attended his last examination when he was age 12.
Further questioning was delay as I suggested to Josef to undress to his underwear and to settle in on the exam table. The bright lights above the exam table is not helping matters as Josef’s right eye is clearly red and tearing up. Resuming the patient history, I found out that Josef began body maturation at age 13 which also coincided with his first sexual experience. While he currently has a steady girlfriend, Josef has had encounters with 4 different women over the last 6 month period. However with his current girlfriend, he is exclusive with her and therefore does see the need to utilize the extra large sized condoms that he had used previously.
I have state before, I normally try to size up a new patient by their mannerisms and reactions to my exam techniques in the first few moments of the office visit. In Josef’s case, he became more guarded as they exam wore on. Reaching for the loose waistband of his boxers, I pulled the boxers open to allow the stethoscope access to the femoral artery. His penis, while still flaccid, was tucked in between his thighs. I suggested that the boxers be removed to allow me to continue. Laying naked on the table now, I distracted Josef by checking upper body again. For such a long and lanky athlete, Josef surprised me by having a substantial biceps, both of them were large and extremely firm.

With his arms folded behind his head, I was allowed to have free range of movement to conduct the genital examination. Flaccid, his uncircumcised penis is 4 3/4″ in length. The foreskin is tight against the glans and as I retracted the foreskin, I was greeted to an aroma of Asiago cheese. Squeezing the glans, I checked his smallish urethra and palpated his penis a bit which began the arousal process for Josef. Releasing his burgeoning penis, I was also pleasantly surprised by the size of his testicles. To confirm and show Josef, each testis was clearly double and almost triple the size of the average adult male when I compared him to the orchidometer.

Dante Burroughs, Sports Physical

Often, I am surprised by my good fortune. When scholastic athlete, Dante Burroughs needed a physical when he returned to college; he chose my office practice. During the patient history process, I found out that wrestling is Dante’s primary sport. Coincidentally, wrestlers are one of my favorites classes of athletes to examine.
Dante, clad only in his jock strap mounted the exam table, and after he settled in, I continued the patient history interview. I was furnished an interesting bit of information at this time. At the first team shower in the locker room after practice, Dante became a LARGE source of curiosity. Several team members looked at and commented about the size of his penis. That proved to arouse my curiosity as well !

I wasted no time at that point and the examination proceeded rapidly from that point on. Soon I was peeling back the waistband of his jock strap to reveal his semi-aroused member. Upon closer examination, it no longer was semi, it became fully engorged.

Eduardo Bautista – Sports Physical

Eduardo Bautista comes to office for a sports physical examination for basketball and he was last examined a year ago. Typically his exams were all performed at a local clinic. His mother drove him to his last examination but she stayed in the waiting room. She was in attendance for his exam when he was 16 years old, which is also the time that he started to produced secondary characteristics of adulthood. I suggested to Eduardo to remove all of his clothing in preparation for the examination.

At 20 years old, Eduardo has a rotation of women to share his bed. At that age, sex is often on the brain, so it was of no surprise to me that he started to become aroused as I began the sexual history portion of the patient interview. I thought that I had better measure his penis right away, and at a semi-aroused state is was 5 inches in length. The act of measuring him started a chain reaction and his penis began to throb and bounce up and down with the beating of his heart. Pre-seminal fluid began to drip from his penis so I thought this would be the ideal time to take a culture.
The act of listening to his breathing and heart sounds became distracting for me. For as I moved the stethoscope across his chest, I could detect the bouncing of his penis out of the corner of my eye. As I neared his trimmed pubic mound, I used the stethoscope to listen to his femoral pulse and as expected, his pulse had quickened. Putting the stethoscope away, I directed my attention to his fully aroused penis. I comforted him by saying that it was normal to become aroused during an exam and to not be embarrassed by it; although he clearly was.

I moved the foreskin back and forth over the tip of his penis. Clearly the foreskin, now very lubricated naturally, glided easily back and forth which caused more fluid leakage from his penis. I used the orchidometer to compare the size of his testis and confirmed that Eduardo has entered in adulthood.

Standing him upright, I continued with the genital exam and had Eduardo produce a series of weak coughs for me before I had him turn around. Checking his spine, I noticed faint growth of hair and a light dusting of hair also taking root on his ample buttocks. Commented on his overall size, I stated that he was built more like a football player than a basketball and I received a weak chuckle in reply.
Positioned on his elbows and knees, I was easily able to part his buttocks to insert the rectal thermometer. It was fully inserted and it clung between the large orbs as it recorded the temperature. Removing it, I replaced it with my lubricated finger and gave Eduardo his first prostate examination. Moving the finger internally, turned out to be a far easier task than I anticipated. Upon moving past his sphincter, I received an almost immediately confirmation that he did experience a bit of sexual exhilaration at my touch. I continued massaging his prostate a bit longer and then had him lay onto his stomach. With one leg cocked at a 45 degree angle, I inserted my finger once again and continued to assault his prostate. This continued for a few moments longer before I had Eduardo turn back over.

As he settled back in on the exam table, I took pleasure in noting that his penis was still erect and he had continued to drip seminal fluids with prompted me to take another culture before directing him to produce the full semen specimen required. Handing Eduardo the collection dish, I instructed him to masturbate his penis and a few moments later, I checked back to measure his erection 7 inches and shortly afterward, he abruptly squirted all over his legs, pubic area and ultimately hitting the collection dish as well. An opportune time to collect his spent semen and allow this athlete to have a fresh protein taste for himself.