Jerrald Manning – INS Exam

Age: 20, Height – 5’08”, Weight – 156
Waist – 31″, Hair – Black, Eyes – Brown, Feet: Size 10
Erect – 7″, Flaccid – 4″, Foreskin – Cut
Orientation – Straight, Sports : Basketball, Track

Branching out my practice, I have begun accepting patients that needed Immigration Physical Exams required by the Immigration and Naturalization Service and the very first patient is 20 year old Jerrald Manning from Nigeria. It had been a four years since his last medical exam, which was performed at a clinic.
At the onset, I could tell Jerrald was a bit nervous; most likely because so much is riding on a positive outcome of his physical examination. As a pre-requisite, the INS did require a urine specimen so I had Jerrald remove every stitch of his clothing. He hung his clothing on the rack and upon handing him the collection apparatus, I further informed him that it was required that I observe him as he produced the specimen. After a couple of false starts, the yellow liquid began to collect and Jerrald shook off the last remaining drops.
Questioning him about his sexual habits, I found out that while he considers himself straight, he has had sexual encounters with both sexes although his liaisons have been predominately with females.

Ricky Salazar – Urethral Sounding

Ricky returns to discuss a personal health matter and to seek relief. He has been experiencing a burning sensation when he urinates and has urine flow issues.

I knew Ricky is not a fan of condoms so my first question to him, “have you had unprotected sex ?” He replied that he had and then I followed with another question, ” have you had any discharge from your penis ?” Again, he replied in the affirmative but he was confused at my question. He assumed the “discharge” I was speaking of was a release of semen. So, he did not have any form of mucous discharge which might have been related to a sexually transmitted disease. I have him disrobe entirely in preparation for his exam and therapeutic session.
After my initial examination of his upper body, I began to focus my attention on his genitalia. Ricky mentioned that he also did have a bit of soreness in the perineum area just beneath his ample scrotum, yet I first examined his penis. The foreskin shielded the glans, so with my gloved hand, I grasped his penis at the base and retracted the foreskin. A moist film covered the glans and I squeezed the tip to open the urethra for a visual inspection. I explained to Ricky, that I needed to see if there was any discharge which would require me to stroke his penis to do so. Getting his permission to do so and all in the interest of medicine…. ahem… I worked him into a full erection in no time at all. When he was fully aroused, I took a cotton tip applicator and took a urethral culture. Feeling fairly satisfied in my diagnosis, I moved forward.
Opening the zippered case containing the dilators, I selected the instrument and a lubricant packet then returned to the exam table. Ricky took a look at the metal rod and his eyes became wide with concern. I made the attempt to calm him as I informed him that it would go in slowly and be well lubricated. The size of his erection had shrunk slightly so taking his penis into my hand, I took aim and slowly inserted the dilator. Pain registered immediately… but as I promised, I moved further into him slowly and allowed the dilator to sink in. His breathing became erratic as the discomfort set in however, I knew the outcome would help his flow return to normal. Allowing the dilator to enter his penis through half of its length; I took pity on Ricky and withdrew it to give him a rest.
His penis had shrunk considerably and I knew that a further treatment would be necessary and it would be accomplished easier if he was erect at the start of it. So, taking some lubricant, I liberally apply it to his penis and mentioned that it would go easier if he was erect. His penis responded immediately to my touch and in no time, I had him fully aroused again. To his dismay, I told him that I would repeat the dilation once again. This time, I allowed the dilator to enter his penis farther and almost inserted the entire length. Again, discomfort registered but he appeared to be getting used to it a bit …yet his penis still returned to a flaccid state.

Feeling that he had enough, I took the lubricant and liberally applied it to his penis and returned it to an erect state. As I continued to masturbate Ricky, his once flaccid penis became fully engorged and he his breathing now became labored from excitement rather than pain. His penis began to secrete pre-seminal fluids which when mixed with the synthetic lubricant turn into a white and creamy mix of fluids. Sensing that he was close, I allowed Ricky to continue on his own and with his efforts the creamy pre-seminal showers showered down from his penis. Grasping the collection dish, Ricky erupted and shot a healthy stream of semen into the dish base.

Thomas Locke – New Patient

Thomas Locke Age: 24
New area resident, Thomas Locke, was able to secure employment shortly after arriving in town and he is at my office today to receive his company’s mandatory pre-employment physical. Thomas was last examined during his senior year in high school as a requirement for his participation in sports. That physical was performed at his own family physician and during those high school years, Thomas was a member of both the football and wrestling teams. I had him undress to his boxers to begin today’s examination.
Thomas has maintained his body well, in the years since high school. While he admits to a pack a day cigarette habit, he has maintained his physique through a regular gym workout routine which includes both cardio and strength training in additional to running track. Checking his blood pressure, I did find it to be relatively high for someone who appears to be in excellent condition so while not alarmed, I told Thomas that it bears monitoring for his next office visit.
I found it necessary to take two specimens from Thomas at this visit. The normal semen specimen and then a urine specimen. The urine specimen was taken as a full bladder was distracting Thomas from the business at hand.

Lucas Haynes – Prostate Massage & Marital Devices

Lucas returns to the office to seek advice and further treatment. He noticed the residual and beneficial effects from the prostate massage he received at his last exam. He also inquired about marital devices that can be used to provide an additional spark in the bedroom with his girlfriend.
As part of this extensive examination and prostate massage, I instruct and demonstrate the use of these devices which all lead to a tasty conclusion.

Mike Houston – Annual Exam and Prostate Massage

A little over a year has gone by since Mike Houston has been in my office for an exam. His easygoing, adventurous manner is one I recall from his past visits. I immediately instruct him to remove all of his clothing in order for me to begin his annual exam. His blood pressure, heart rate and reflexes are all normal. An exam of his testicles remind me how large they are. His scrotum is barely able to contain their extra large size.
Turning him over to check his temperature anally, I first have to part his large fleshy butt cheeks to make note of the location of his anus. Mike’s buttocks are quite expansive with a deep crevice conceiling his anus. A quick insertion of my thermometer is followed by a prostate check. First one, then two fingers are inserted in his tight yet accommodating hole. In reaching around to grab his penis, it is evident that he is responding positively to the rhythm of my fingers in and out of his hole.
Mike’s penis responds promptly to my manual stimulation of his shaft and his large testicles immediately tighten in anticipation of a release of seminal fluid. After he starts to grab and rub my crotch area, I tighten my grip and pump his shaft even harder and faster than before. Mike is a patient who is able to adapt to a more vigorous stimulation, whether it be to his penis or his anus. Within moments he releases his creamy ejaculate for my collection.
During the course of his exam Mike mentioned having instances of back pain. It is my recommendation that he return to the office soon for a more thorough back exam and additional anal stimulation to help relieve built up tensions in his lower back and buttocks.

Charlie Howard – A Member Patient

A few months back, I made the offer to members to volunteer to be a JockPhysical patient. The first to avail himself of this opportunity is 41 year old, Charlie Howard. With a bit of planning, Charlie was able to make a business trip to the area and allow ample time to receive his annual examination as well.
Charlie is married and maintains an active lifestyle, does not smoke, drinks alcohol beverages in moderation and finds time to use a treadmill at least twice a week to maintain his trim form. He maintains an active sex life, is faithful to his wife and keeps his male hormones in check through a daily masturbation ritual.
Recently he has been developing a urine flow issue which manifests itself in obstructed elimination accompanied by a burning sensation. I inform Charlie that following his annual examination, we will adddress the urinary tract issues. I have him prepare for the exam by stripping down to his boxers and directing him to the exam table.

Donte Douglass – Continued Therapy


It has been over 6 months since his last treatment and Donte comes back to the office today as the issues he experienced with urethral blockage and prostatitis have reoccurred. However to be completely thorough and although, I suspected my initial diagnosis is correct, I am obligated to perform a full adult physical examination on Donte to confirm. To begin, I have Donte strip completely naked and direct him to the exam table. Donte, from his prior military service with the US Army, is completely comfortable and at ease in a naked state.
After concluding my work with the stethoscope across his chest, I continue with an examination of his genitals. Donte is uncircumcised and has a elongated foreskin. Grasping his penis at the base, I use my other hand to retract the foreskin exposing the tip of his penis. A moist film covers the glans and I surmise that Donte has been a bit lax in his personal hygiene.

I stand him upright, adjust the exam table and inform him that I will begin the prostate massage portion of the examination. Donte knows the routine, yet I still need to guide him into the proper positioning to allow me to full access to his anus. Inserting a lubricated finger, I quickly locate the prostate and begin a circularly motion and apply increasing amount of pressure while my other hand massages his penis. Donte is visibly squirming on the exam table as he enjoys the effect of my prostate massage.

Completing my initial finger examination, I have Donte turn over and with his legs supported by the exam table stirrups, I continue with a different form of prostate massage with the insertion of instrument designed to maintain the stimulation. To allow Donte to become more involved with his treatment, I hand the device to him to let him glide the device inside his bowels as I prepare the dilators to clear the urethral blockage. With the prostate massager properly seated, I begin with the dilation and the range of pain and pleasure are clearly obvious on Donte’s face. He reacts both verbally and non-verbally as his hand brushes against the front of my scrubs. While enjoying the sensations that he is providing to me, it is a bit distracting as I have a rather large….and thick……. dilator inserted into his penis at the time.
Satisfied that I have freed any blockage, I remove the dilator and begin Donte’s arousal process anew. From past experience with Donte, I know that it takes a bit of effort to start the enchanced blood flow to his penis. His penis is slightly cooler than his upper body so I begin to warm his penis to allow it to finally become engorged…. which as it turns out was a long process. I allow Donte to continue on his own for a tasty release.

Lucas Haynes – Jockstrap & Massage Therapy

Reporting to my office directly from basketball practice, Lucas clearly is in pain. As he explained, he was fighting for a rebound during the match and sustained an elbow to his back during the skirmish. Obviously in discomfort, I assist Lucas with the removal of his tank top and shorts. Clad now only in his jockstrap, I began his injury examination. His breathing is a bit labored as he most likely sustained an additional injury in his diaphragm which prevents him from normal breathing.
Concerned that he may have sustained a groin injury that his jockstrap did not prevent, I assist Lucas with the removal of this elastic support. In contrast to his smooth upper body, Lucas has a lush growth of pubic hair which surround his genitalia. I move in quickly and am delighted to see that his penis responds to my touch and begins to lengthen and thicken, which I take as a very welcome sign. Standing him upright, I help to steady him as he stands at the end of my exam table to allow me to further examine his reproductive organs. Always concerned about internal injury, I direct Lucas to turn around and ease him into a resting position supported by his knees and elbows.
Despite being in pain and with my assistance, Lucas is maneuvered into the proper positioning for a deep internal exploration. I begin with my lubricated finger which is pushed into his anus and immediately locates his prostate. Checking his penis, I find it is still in an aroused state and a few taps of my finger tip against the gland begins a seminal flow from the urethra. Somewhat lubricated now, I removed my finger and replace it with a longer lubricated device; the anoscope. Taking aim, it steadily disappears into his rectum until it is buried to the hilt. Rotating the device, I remove the plunger and peer inside as the device is slowly retracted. Further prostate massage is maintained through the insertion of a prostate massage device.
Satisfied that he did not sustain any permanent damage, I move on to the relief portion of the office visit. Turning him over, I begin to apply a layer of aloe vera gel and manually work it into the aggravated muscles. No area is immune to my touch for soon after, I begin to coax his penis to full arousal. My attention to detail and desire to provide relief to the patient leads to a tasty eruption a few moments later.

Franklin Baker – Employment – Work Physical

A new job and a new physical examination is the reason that Franklin Baker appears at my office today. Solidly built from his years as a halfback on his school’s football, Franklin has maintain his physique admirably in the years since he played organized sports. Interviewing Franklin as I took his patient history, I found that while he maintains an active social life, he only rotates his amorous intentions between three different women, yet he still finds time to masturbate at least once or twice a day.
During his formative years, Franklin received all of his sports related physicals at the school. He and his teammates would be sent to the nurse’s office in a small group of three yet they would be herded into the room with the doctor in a solitary manner. Sexual maturity began early for Franklin with the onset of puberty at 12 and his first sexual encounter at 14.
As Franklin was at the office for a mandated pre-=employment exam, I subjected him to a series of naked workout routines which were designed to increase his heart rate and allow me to check his blood pressure for substantial changes. Owing to Franklin’s ample buttocks, I found it necessary to give him his first prostate examination in two different positions. The first on his hands and knees and the second time with his legs elevated to expose his anus. It was this second position that yielded the best results.
More than likely, it was his last exercise of the day that provided him with the most pleasure. To conclude his office visit, I informed Franklin that he would need to produce a semen specimen. Franklin coaxed his large penis to an eruption in a relatively short period of time.

Andres Feliz – Annual Exam

Andres first presented himself at my office when he was a mere 18 years old. Fast forward 4 years and he is back now for his annual exam. In those 4 years, he has added a bit of length to his very responsive penis and additional face and body hair. His body has matured and filled out with the additional 20 pounds in body weight.
Andres knows that I have his best interest at heart so he allows me to freely examine every portion of his maturing body including a DEEP prostate massage.