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Amir Bosra - Probed & Sounded

Age - 19
Height - 6' 00"
Weight - 175
Waist - 32"
Hair - Black
Eyes - Brown

Hung - 8"
Flaccid : 4 1/2"
Foreskin - Cut
Orientation - Straight
Sports - Basketball, Soccer
Notes: Arab, hung, smooth, sounding

Produced on : Jul 31 13
Released on : Nov 15 13

Amir returns to continue his treatment with a urine flow issue that he experienced awhile back. Amir states that he has been taking supplements which might have resulted in the restricted urine flow problem that returned. So it is my intent to address his issues during this exam and therapeutic session.

I have Amir stand up in order to re-position him onto his knees and elbows. I inform him that I will do a prolonged prostate massage to begin the process of providing natural lubrication of his urethra in preparation for the sounding technique. Lubricating my finger, I take aim and easily glide it past his sphincter and locate his prostate. Amir has always been prostate friendly (for lack of a better word). He responds very easily when his prostate is massaged. So after I probed him with my fingers, I elect to allow a butt plug to maintain that stimulation at a constant pressure. I have him turn over to begin the sounding procedure.

The sounding technique is a delicate process. Amir feels a slight bit of discomfort as the device is slowly inserted into his urethra. After pushing this selected device into his penis the entire length it is removed and replaced with a rod with a larger thickness. This device actually was easier to manipulate into the urethra much more so than the previous thinner device. Satisfied that his urethra has now been cleared of any obstructions, I elect to continue to manipulate his penis. Every sounding technique should be followed by a flushing of the urethra; either through the flow of urine or semen. At my office, as it provides more pleasure to the patient, I elect for the semen extraction.

While Amir is in a state of bliss, I continue to stroke his penis which has now become extremely rigid. His scrotum has constricted and is now clinging to the base of his penis. His breathing pattern changes and I know his ejaculation is imminent. True to my word, Amir erupts a massive amount of semen which coats his pubic area.

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