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Jock Athletes receiving very thorough Physical Examinations

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Last Updated : Nov 21 14

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Charlie Howard - A Member Patient

Charlie Howard - A Member Patient

Age: 41
Height - 5' 07"
Weight - 165
Waist - 31"
Hair - Brown
Eyes - Brown

Erect - 6 1/2"
Flaccid - 4"
Foreskin - Cut
Orientation - Straight
Sports : Baseball, Soccer, Tennis
Notes: Caucasian, mature, natural, anoscope, sounding

Recorded on : Sep 30 14
Released on : Nov 21 14

A few months back, I made the offer to members to volunteer to be a JockPhysical patient. The first to avail himself of this opportunity is 41 year old, Charlie Howard. With a bit of planning, Charlie was able to make a business trip to the area and allow ample time to receive his annual examination as well.

Charlie is married and maintains an active lifestyle, does not smoke, drinks alcohol beverages in moderation and finds time to use a treadmill at least twice a week to maintain his trim form. He maintains an active sex life, is faithful to his wife and keeps his male hormones in check through a daily masturbation ritual.

Recently he has been developing a urine flow issue which manifests itself in obstructed elimination accompanied by a burning sensation. I inform Charlie that following his annual examination, we will adddress the urinary tract issues. I have him prepare for the exam by stripping down to his boxers and directing him to the exam table.

Donte Douglass - Continued Therapy

Donte Douglass - Continued Therapy

Age - 23
Height - 6' 05"
Weight - 205
Waist - 36"
Hair - Black
Eyes - Brown
Feet - Size 15

Erect - 8 1/2"
Flaccid 5 1/4"
Foreskin - Uncut
Orientation - Straight
Sports - Basketball, Football, Track, Boxing

Recorded on : Oct 15 14
Released on : Nov 18 14

It has been over 6 months since his last treatment and Donte comes back to the office today as the issues he experienced with urethral blockage and prostatitis have reoccurred. However to be completely thorough and although, I suspected my initial diagnosis is correct, I am obligated to perform a full adult physical examination on Donte to confirm. To begin, I have Donte strip completely naked and direct him to the exam table. Donte, from his prior military service with the US Army, is completely comfortable and at ease in a naked state.

After concluding my work with the stethoscope across his chest, I continue with an examination of his genitals. Donte is uncircumcised and has a elongated foreskin. Grasping his penis at the base, I use my other hand to retract the foreskin exposing the tip of his penis. A moist film covers the glans and I surmise that Donte has been a bit lax in his personal hygiene.

I stand him upright, adjust the exam table and inform him that I will begin the prostate massage portion of the examination. Donte knows the routine, yet I still need to guide him into the proper positioning to allow me to full access to his anus. Inserting a lubricated finger, I quickly locate the prostate and begin a circularly motion and apply increasing amount of pressure while my other hand massages his penis. Donte is visibly squirming on the exam table as he enjoys the effect of my prostate massage.

Completing my initial finger examination, I have Donte turn over and with his legs supported by the exam table stirrups, I continue with a different form of prostate massage with the insertion of instrument designed to maintain the stimulation. To allow Donte to become more involved with his treatment, I hand the device to him to let him glide the device inside his bowels as I prepare the dilators to clear the urethral blockage. With the prostate massager properly seated, I begin with the dilation and the range of pain and pleasure are clearly obvious on Donte's face. He reacts both verbally and non-verbally as his hand brushes against the front of my scrubs. While enjoying the sensations that he is providing to me, it is a bit distracting as I have a rather large....and thick....... dilator inserted into his penis at the time.

Satisfied that I have freed any blockage, I remove the dilator and begin Donte's arousal process anew. From past experience with Donte, I know that it takes a bit of effort to start the enchanced blood flow to his penis. His penis is slightly cooler than his upper body so I begin to warm his penis to allow it to finally become engorged.... which as it turns out was a long process. I allow Donte to continue on his own for a tasty release.

What you will see as a member

Jock Physical Exams

Athletes are more casual about nudity than the average person. From an early age, they have stripped naked in locker rooms, showered and towel dried themselves in front of other athletes and coaches. JockPhysical.com depicts adult individuals going through staged medical examinations and procedures for the sole purpose of adult entertainment.

Our Jock Athletes

Jocks have come to expect a certain level of nudity, probing questions and invasive inspections. They have been ordered to undress in front of a doctor or nurse, sometimes even their coach or a parent. They joke about it in the locker room to each other and also they use the experience to frighten first timers that the doctor will do strange things to them, the least of which is "drop your shorts, turn your head and cough".

Sports Physicals

Straight jocks are subjected to a realistic and intense male sports physical exam with an eye towards pleasing the gay medical fetish enthusiast. Most of our straight jocks are accustomed to being submissive, in this regard to a doctor, but we often linger a little longer than necessary to provide an erotic experience to the jock patient and pleasing to the gay medical fetish enthusiast.

Prostate Exams

Our jock athletes did not know that we would pluck their anal virginity, making them become full fledged men as they receive their first prostate exam. Watch as our unsuspecting jock athletes experience their invasive prostate exam. All the grunts, moans, gasps and yes, embarrassing erections, are all captured for your enjoyment.

As the jock exams continue, these straight athletes have their rectums probed with fingers and instruments.

All in the interest of medical fetish for your enjoyment and their humiliation !